As a young boy, growing up in Calabria, Italy, my grandfather always told me to learn a trade and set it aside. Years later I discovered my passion for wood and metal working. I have dedicated the past twenty five years to mastering my art to become a true artisan and build eclectic creations.

My specialty is hand weaved metal furniture and weaved boxed mirrors. As you can see in many of my photos, the weaving provides an intriguing look to a design. I also enjoy the discovery of the acid stains as I apply them to the metal.

By combing the “coldness” of the metal with the “warmth” of the wood you create a balance for any type of space. All pieces are made from natural materials including many hard and soft woods and many forms of metals (aluminum, copper, steel and iron). There is also a focus on recycled materials. I have retrieved materials from demolition sites and incorporated them in various ways and the wood furniture is built using traditional style joinery.

I can be commissioned to create customized pieces for any unique space. My greatest pleasure is to complete a design within a customer’s home and to see the significance it makes in their living space. No two pieces are ever the same and all furniture is signed.

Over the years many of my designs have made their way to homes all across the country and Canada. I look forward to working one on one with clients who also have a desire to create unique designs for their home.

View my latest furniture designs and custom iron work on the gallery page.

Residential Contractor Services

  • Pavers
  • Block Walls
  • Concrete
  • Custom Woodwork
  • Custom Metalwork
  • Custom Built In Cabinetry